Hébergement eQPress

eQPress is a secure hosting framework built and maintain by the Deflect team. It offers Deflect clients with WordPress websites additional protection, including a lockdown feature that prevents any unauthorized content editing, remote backup, cache control and much more . The open source framework is managed by the Deflect team and available to clients already behind our caching service.

You can host a single instance or a multi-site installation with subdomains (http://sub.example.com) or sub-directories (http://example.com/sub) There are no limits for bandwidth or memory usage and each user can allocate up to 10GB of disk space.

Pour créer ou migrer un site Web sur eQPress, vous devez d’abord vous inscrire sur Deflect. Une fois l’inscription complétée, vous pouvez demander à l’équipe de Deflect de créer un nouveau site pour vous ou de migrer votre site vers eQPress.