Last update: November 01, 2019

With Deflect, you pay for popularity :) We feel that this is the most transparent and fair pricing option to offer our clients. There is a sliding scale of costs – the more unique visitors you have, the less you pay per each individual. We don’t charge you extra for mitigating attacks against your site or for answering support questions. Here’s how we price the Deflect service:

Tier Monthly unique visitors Price (per 1000 unique IP addresses) de ejemplo Cost
1 < 20,000 $20 flat rate 17,849 $20.00
2 20,001 – 100,000 1 + $0.50 99,999 $60.00
3 100,001 – 1,000,000 1 + 2 + $0.15 999,999 $195.00
4 1million+ 1 + 2 + 3 + $0.07 1,743,297 $224.33
5 Wordpress hosting * 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 x 2 17,849 $40.00
  • up to 10 instances, up to 10GB disk space

Apart from calculating unique visitor traffic, we also charge an annual domain fee of $19 USD when you register for Deflect. This fee is charged per unique domain and it includes all sub-domains, e.g. english.website.com; french.website.com; www.website.com

If you join and then leave the service, your annual fee will remain active for the remainder of the year since the date you had joined. If you come back to using Deflect during time, you will not be charged for the same domain again. The service also offers you protection against DNS level attacks.

Users that wish to enable automatic log deletion in their control panel, will be charged for daily unique visitors, tallied at the end of the month.

The fees are based on your total number of unique visitors, calculated at the end of the calendar month. By unique visitors we really mean IP addresses – and this interpretation is to your advantage. For example, if a reader visits your website every day from the same location or device – that will likely equal 1 unique visitor for that calendar month. If they read your website from the office, home and on their smartphone everyday, that will likely be calculated as 3 unique visitors. Should your website be read by many people from the same office – that will still likely equal one unique IP address for the month. We don’t consider any malicious bots or traffic generated during an attack as something that you should be paying extra for – this is part of our service to you.

Our statistics are calculated in-house – we do not ship your data off to any third party. You can compare our numbers against a third party resource (many use Google analytics for example) to see how the two measure up against each other.

We believe that this pricing model represents the fairest and most transparent way for billing.

¡Bienvenido a Deflect!