Deflect Story

Deflect is a proven anti-censorship technology, achieving enterprise-scale goals on a non-profit budget a fraction of parallel commercial efforts. Deflect has never refused service to qualifying organizations nor encouraged anyone to leave for attracting too many attacks. Our infrastructure has withstood malicious traffic in excess of 100Gbps. Deflect-protected websites served over 74 million unique readers in 2018, representing ~ 2% of the world’s population connected to the Internet.

50, 000 +

100, 000+

200, 000+

500, 000+

1, 000, 000+

5, 000, 000+

Israel, Palestine – human rights

Mexico – investigative media

Mexico – news media

Sudan – news media

Ukraine – news media

Russia – investigative media

Russia - copyright advocacy

Central Asia – news media

Sudan – news media

Caucuses – news media

Ecuador – news media

Ukraine (Donbas) – news media

Eastern Russia – news media

Ukraine – news media

Honduras – investigative media

Ukraine – news media

Central Asia – news media

USA – civil activism

Zambia – news media

Central Asia – news media

Canada – local news media

Mexico – news media

The Balkans – investigative media

Russia – Soviet history archive

Palestine – human rights

India – feminism

USA – civil activism

Middle East – news media

Vietnam – news media

Uzbekistan – news media

USA – community radio

Colombia – LGBT news

Figure 1: Some of Deflect’s most read websites. Numbers shown represent unique monthly readers.

In continuous operation since 2011, the Deflect infrastructure and our support team has withstood over a thousand unique DDoS events and many social engineering attempts. Deflect is built on open source software and has always made its work available under an open licence. A few years ago, the team began investigative efforts to reduce the impunity currently enjoyed by those launching DDoS against our clients. Data analysis is done with the aid of machine-led technology for profiling and classifying malicious actors on our network, visualization tools for human-led investigations and cooperation with peer organizations for tracing activity in our respective networks. This effort combines technology, open source intelligence investigations and close collaboration with our clients – identifying interesting narratives within attacks, exploring their provenance, motivation and methods. To date we have published six in-depth investigative reports and over a dozen blog posts. They have had a positive impact on our clients’ advocacy as investigative reporting around cyber attacks has become a common practice among other mitigation providers.