Deflect Labs

Deflect Labs is an ongoing effort to make identification of malicious web traffic more effective by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to distinguish between different types of browsing behaviour, challenging anomalous behaviour with Deflect’s mitigation tooling.

Deflect Labs leverages and can enrich the large amount of data available to the Deflect platform to:

  • develop and implement intelligent attack mitigation techniques;
  • enable threat-sharing and crowdsourced mitigating efforts;
  • provide sophisticated intelligence about the nature of attacks;
  • profile and create a taxonomy of attacks and botnets;
  • develop visualization tools for attack and botnet analysis.

Deflect Labs Reporting

A few years ago, the team began investigative efforts to reduce the impunity of actors launching DDoS against our clients. Data analysis is done with the aid of machine-led technology for profiling and classifying malicious actors on our network, visualization tools for human-led investigations and cooperation with peer organizations for tracing activity in our respective networks. This effort combines technology, open source intelligence investigations and close collaboration with our clients – identifying interesting narratives within attacks, exploring their provenance, motivation and methods. These reports have had a positive impact on our clients’ advocacy and have lead to the closure of malicious Internet infrastructure around the world.

Read our report in Deflect Labs Reporting