Autentificación banjax

When your website is behind Deflect, requests for a new page will come from our caching servers. This means that they may be several minutes old and may not have the very latest updates. This is not ideal for when you are editing the website and need to see updates immediately. Deflect provides a special way to authenticate yourself to the system and access your website without caching. We call this Banjax authentication. After you have created the password in the Dashboard, the login page to your website (e.g. /wp-admin, /login, /administrator, etc.) will appear like this:

Banjax Authentication

Autentificación Banjax

Sólo aquellos en posesión de la contraseña de autentificación podrán continuar. Esto tiene un efecto secundario extra de proteger la sección editorial de su sitio web de ataques de fuerza bruta contra la contraseña.