Over the past years we have helped millions of people access Deflect protected websites. Some of them have responded with a personal testimony, collated herein.

map of Deflected websites

map of Deflected websites

Deflect.ca did an excellent job at helping protect the website of a renowned human rights NGO from an extended ddos attack. The website had been down for almost a week. We first tried Cloudflare, but it looked as if the ddos still came through. To be clear: that was with all settings maxed out on a paid 200$/month business plan. Once we switched to Deflect things looked like normal traffic and the active chat support provided by Deflect really helped keeping things safe and under control.

Kasper Souren

IPOS directly benefited from Deflect’s expertise and professionalism when our main website was subject to an unprecedented attack. At the time the services of similar companies including CloudFlare and Google PageSpeed failed to protect IPOS’ election tracking poll against a major DDOS attack during the 2013 presidential elections in Iran. However, Deflect were able to quickly setup a CDN front and accept traffic from IPOS’ main domain and fight back against the attack. Thank you Deflect.

Ali Reza, IPOS solution

Deflect has provided us with website protection that our organization could not otherwise afford. The service thereby allows our organization to function with the level of security required by small activist groups working to defend human rights. Without Deflect, our primary communication tool - the website - would be at a significantly higher risk of attack. Perhaps even more important, bringing the CTC into the eQualit.ie family has provided access to a community of expertise that is deeply valued.

Carole Samdup, Executive Director, Canada Tibet Committee

Our organization has been using secure hosting services for several years for our partners, targeting closed societies and repressive countries. We have decided to try the Deflect service and were very satisfied. The team was quick, responsive and professional. We were provided all the information and support needed throughout the whole processes of activation and monitoring. Thank you Deflect.

Deflect team were the pioneers in creating a unique and brilliant idea to protect oppressed sites against ddos and other types of attacks. They managed to protect one of our client’s sites on multiple occasions very effectively, allowing journalists the freedom of speech which is one of the major internet essences. What I also noticed and admired about deflect team is their fast support response, friendly manner and dealing with clients as members of their team which creates a bond of likeness and respect. Thank you Deflect.

Mahmoud Jisri. Operations manager at CyberiaHosting.ca

Besides the fact that Deflect has helped our foundation to prevent DoS attacks, all the team was always very kind in helping even when all we needed was some advice regarding security.

Roberto Palomino. ElCultivo.mx

It was great to have the technical support from Deflect to keep our site online and prevent further attacks. The team reacted swiftly to answer our questions and solve problems. Our inspiration to do journalism from exile would have been frustrated had it not been to the service Deflect gave us. Thank you Deflect!


Deflect saved my journalism and my independent capacity to publish the results of my investigations. I specialise in corruption and the effect of globalisation and organised crime on international sports federations like FIFA and the IOC. My blogging is welcomed by sports fans globally because I reveal corruption scandals that many ‘establishment’ sports correspondents don’t want to touch. Last Autumn my website was overwhelmed by botnets. Many days it was knocked offline and even my ethical ISP was brought down for a while. It was soon clear that a particular disclosure had discomforted some rich and powerful administrators in world sport. They could not sue because the story was documented. So they resorted to dirty tricks. Deflect galloped to my rescue and did a whole lot of things that I, a simple investigative reporter, will never understand. My site was restored and remains so. My thanks - plus those of a world-wide community committed to honesty in reporting.

Andrew Jennings

On behalf of Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso (OBC), the Italian non-profit media organisation I direct, I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the cyber-protection services you are currently offering us. During the past few months, OBC (www.balcanicaucaso.org) has been the target of a persistent and intense DDos attack, most probably launched from abroad and aimed at intimidating us. Needless to say, it provoked a great deal of preoccupation and endangered the work we have been carrying out for more than 13 years, however we could not compromise the quality and reliability of the news we publish and tried our best to protect ourselves. As a short-term emergency measure, we turned to a premium mitigation system that in no way could be economically sustainable in the medium and long run for a small organisation like ours. Very soon after, we were surprised to receive your offer and precious solidarity that has allowed us to start again focussing on our mission, that is to say the production of news, research, training and dissemination of activities on the democratisation processes of South-east Europe and the Caucasus. Your help made us feel less vulnerable and also a part of a wider spectrum of CSOs committed to protecting rights, justice and peace worldwide. Thank you once more for your solidarity and friendship. And of course for the protection you guarantee.

Luisa Chiodi PHD

We came to know deflect in June of 2012, when a violence broke in Rakhine states of Myanmar(Burma). As a result till today there are more than 150,000 IDPs in various camps. During that time our website, the first Rohingya News agency, has been continuously attacked and went down. With full dedication, determination, support and expertise, the Deflect team brought it back on-line and till today they are protecting. We the world most persecuted people, the Rohingyas wish you all the best and thank the donors who helped them in continuing their mission. Thank you very much.