Deflect Labs

Deflect Labs is Deflect’s project that leverages and enriches the large amount of data available to the Deflect DDoS mitigation system to:

  • provide sophisticated intelligence about the nature of DDoS attacks;
  • profile attacks and create a taxonomy of attacks;
  • inform efforts to mitigate, prevent and discuss attacks;
  • develop visualization tools for data analytics to profile botnet activity history, DDoS attack metrics and forensics.
Deflect Labs - Canaries

Deflect Labs - Canaries


Deflect Labs publishes regular reports on the most interesting cases we observe:


  • Deflect Labs Report #3 - On DDoS attacks launched against Black Lives Matter’s official website,, between April 29th and October 15th.


Deflect Labs’ goal is to raise the costs for launching DDoS attacks by keeping the Internet Freedom community informed about new and incoming cyber-threats and by exposing adversary methods and identities, thus discouraging future attacks.

Deflect provides an excellent resource to study the characteristics and nature of DDoS and other attacks on civil society websites. The network can be seen a honeypot of sorts for collecting attack data, since a large number of Deflect-protected sites are subject to frequent DDoS attack. The Deflect Labs project aims to use this information to strip away some of the impunity currently enjoyed by botnet operators and their benefactors, so as to raise the costs for launching attacks against our clients and civil society in general. While complete revelation of the identity of attackers is an impossible technical challenge for us to undertake, Deflect Labs allows for better attribution of attacks to specific hosts, botnets and causes. We believe this research may help attack victims or third parties form opinions about the provenance, or perhaps even the objectives, of attacks.

If your site is protected by Deflect and you would like to work with us on researching attacks you have experienced, please contact us via the support form in Deflect Dashboard.